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Twenty-six domain names are registered every minute.

Let us help you make sure yours will be there when you want it. EasyASP will secure your domain name so that you are ready at any time to setup up a Web site or personalized email, like and It's wise to register a domain name so that you don't risk losing it to another company or individual. And with EasyASP acting as your registrar, you'll save over 50% off the regular fee, enjoy access to easy-to-use online domain name management tools, and benefit from fast, 24 hour activation. EasyASP is a leader in domain registrations, having helped tens of thousands of customers register their domains names, set up Web sites and email. It's fast, easy and important - so click below to do it now!

Type Price per year

.com $19.99
.net $19.99
.org $19.99

.info $24.99

.biz $24.99
.ca $19.99

.us $19.99

.cc $39.99

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